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New Zealand Road Code Test

Latest News

1. New Give Way Rules Updated to the Road Code - 26 Mar 12  

Two of the give way rules have been changed and came into effect since 25 March 2012, and those changes have been updated to the online road code at this website.

The new give way rules will affect all drivers, riders, pedestrians and cyclists. Make sure you know the new rules before sitting for the road code test.

details can be found at : http://www.nzta.govt.nz/traffic/around-nz/road-user-rule.html

2. Timer for New Zealand Driving Theory Test Simulator - 03 Apr 11  

A timer has been added to the road code test simulator, users will be able to keep track of how much time is left while doing the NZ road code practice online.

3. NZ Road Code Quiz Question Explanation - 12 Feb 11  

Explanation has been added to some of the questions, and we hope it will help users to quickly grasp and learn those road code theory behind while doing practice online.

We try to keep them simple, sharp and to the point of New Zealand road code, however omissions could still exist, if you noticed any irrelevant points or mistakes, do let us know.

4. Random Road Code Quiz Questions, News and Members - 15 Mar 10  

You might have noticed that there are three small boxes located at the top of every page now at nzdriving.com - the online NZ road code quiz web portal.

Yes, these are some updates we have just made to this online road code test system.

A random NZ Road Code Quiz question which has a picture associated with it will be generated every time you refresh the page.

Another box show the latest news about nzdriving.com.

The last box just cheers our members up after they registered with this online road code quiz community when preparing for their driving licence test online.

5. Hazard Perception Practice Online - 01 Mar 10  

We have just included a new channel - the hazard perception practice - into the system.

currently there is one video clip for you to have some practice, we are planning to have more hazard perception videos in the coming future.

6. NZ Road Code Quiz - Driving Theory Online - 10 Jan 10  

NZ Road Code Test - the Driving Theory Quiz is online now.

Click on the THEORY button on the top navigation bar, you can browse through the online road code and study it as you like when preparing for your learner license theory test (NZ Road Code Test).

7. Save Highway Code Test Session and Resume Practice Later - 27 Dec 09  

A new feature has just been introduced to this online Highway code test practice system.

You may save a test session at any time when you are using the test engine, especially when you don't have the time to finish many questions at one go.

Once a test session is saved, you may come back and resume the test where you have left and continue the road code practice as you like.



New Zealand Road Code Test Questions, practise online with instant answers for learner license theory test.

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