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New Zealand Road Code Test

Giving Way

The give way rules

It's very important that you know the give way rules. Otherwise, you could be involved in a serious crash at an intersection.


Giving way means that the road user you're giving way to (whether they are a driver, cyclist, pedestrian or any other kind of road user) doesn't need to stop, brake or slow down, swerve or take any other evasive action to avoid you.

Where do the give way rules apply?

The give way rules apply at all intersections where there are no:

  • traffic signals
  • Give Way signs
  • Stop signs
  • police officers directing traffic.

They also apply at intersections where:

  • two vehicles are coming towards each other and both are at Stop signs
  • two vehicles are coming towards each other and both are at Give Way signs
  • two vehicles are coming towards each other and both have a green traffic signal.

What is an intersection?

An intersection is where:

  • two or more streets or roads join or cross
  • a public entrance or exit joins a street or road.

Intersections include entrances and exits to and from supermarkets, petrol stations and other public parking areas such as airports and hospitals.

There are a number of different types of intersections, depending on how many roads meet at the intersection.

Picture of a + intersection Picture of a Y intersection Picture of a T intersection

Different kinds of intersections

Driving up to an intersection

As you drive up to an intersection:

  • slow down and look in all directions: ahead, behind and to both sides
  • be ready to stop if you have to.

The red shading in the diagram below shows you which areas to check carefully before entering an intersection.

Picture showing where to check when entering an intersection

Where to check at an intersection

What are the Give Way rules?

  • If you are turning at an intersection, give way to all vehicles not turning.
  • If you are turning left at an intersection, give way to vehicles coming towards you that are turning right.
  • In all other situations, give way to all vehicles coming from your right.
  • If you are leaving the path of a marked centre line, you are deemed to be turning and must give way to vehicles that are following the centre line.



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