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New Zealand Road Code Test

NZ Learner Licence Road Code Test (RCT)

302 Sample Road Code Questions
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NZ Learner Licence Road Code Test (RCT)
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NZ Road Code Test >>>

Road Code Quiz Objectives

To ensure learners to have a solid and sound knowledge of road signs, traffic signals of the highway code in NZ;

Increase their awareness of safety rules and regulations in NZ before they really hit the road.

Road Code Quiz Format

35 questions will be asked in the NZ road code test, Learners have to answer at least 32 questions correctly (33 for heavy vehicle driving licence) within 30 minutes to pass the road code exam.

Among the 35 questions, 25 are about road rules and road hazards and 10 questions are about safety practices that relate to the type of licence that learners are applying for (licence for light vehicle drivers, licence for heavy vehicle drivers and licence for motorcyclists).

NZ Road Code Test Online Practice

New Zealand Driving Tests General Info:

Learners have to go through 3 stages in order to get a full car driving licence in New Zealand.

Passing a driving theory test(the NZ learner licence road code test) to enter stage 1, and learners will be issued with a learner licence, from there learners can start to practice for road driving test.

Passing the 1st practical road driving test, learners will enter stage 2 with a restricted driving licence.

When learners have more practice, experiences and pass the last practical road driving test, then they will be issued with the full driving licence.

Hence all together there will be 3 tests to go, 1 driving theory test and 2 practical road tests.

Road Code Quiz Topics:

Road and Vehicle Signs
compulsory signs
warning signs
information signs
vehicle mounted signs

Key Driving Skills
Keeping left
Giving signals
Receiving signals
Using lanes correctly
Following distance
Motorway driving

Giving way
Giving way rules
Giving way at uncontrolled intersections
Giving way at controlled intersections
Giving way at roundabouts
Giving way at railway level crossings
Giving way on one-lane bridges

Stopping and Parking
How to park safely
Where not to park
Parking signs
Stopping at intersections, railway level crossings and pedestrian crossings
When conditions change

Driving in bad weather
Night driving
Road works
Road surface

Hazards and emergencies
Dealing with hazards
Multiple hazards
Safe driving tips
Tips for handling driving emergencies

Speed limits
Alcohol and drugs limits
Driver fatigue

Driver Responsibility
Ownership responsibilities
Responsible driving
Safety belts and child restraints
Stepping over the line
Tips on driving sustainably

Car requirements
Light trailer requirements

Other Road Users
Sharing the road
with pedestrians
with trucks and buses
with tractors
with over-dimension vehicles
with motorcyclists
with cyclists
with horse riders

Information for other road users
Information for pedestrians
Information for cyclists
Information for horse riders
Information for moped riders

Further info of NZ road code quiz and NZ drivers licence

Generally, a photo drivers licence will be valid for 10 years, and the licence holder has to renew or replace it before the expiration date.

If the drivers licence was damaged, lost or been stolen, you should report it and get a new one immediately.

for the latest info about NZ road code test/quiz, drivers licence, driving in New Zealand, please refer to the official website https://www.nzta.govt.nz/licence/index.html



New Zealand Road Code Test Questions, practise online with instant answers for learner license theory test.

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