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New Zealand Road Code Test

12 DMV Questions of 07 Miscellaneous

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1. What should you NOT do if your vehicle is on fire?

A. Pull over quickly
B. Turn off the engine
C. Drive quickly to the nearest residence to use a phone
D. Attempt to put the fire out yourself

Explanation : When your vehicle is on fire, you should pull over quickly, turn off the engine, attempt to put out the fire yourself, if can not, you should alert other road users nearby, as the vehicle may explode, and call fire fighter for help.

2. You come to a corner and notice a vehicle coming towards you too fast, what should you do

A. slow down and stop if necessary to see what will happen
B. check the mirrors and reverse out of its way quickly if possible
C. attempt to pull out infront to call his bluff
D. signal and horn to alert the driver

Explanation : trust is one of the biggest problems on our roads, a lot of people choose to wait to see what happens, do not wait, respond quickly and get out of the way

3. How can small amounts of alcohol affect your driving?

A. You can judge your speed more easily.
B. Your driving improves.
C. It will alter your senses.
D. Your driving reactions will be quicker.

Explanation : Alcohol and drugs, including some drugs given to you by a doctor, can seriously affect your driving. They can slow your reaction times and affect your senses.

4. How many questions are you given when you are sitting for the NZ license theory test?

A. 10
B. 25
C. 35
D. 40

5. You notice a ball that comes out in front of you car, what shall you do?

A. speed over it in attempt to pop it up
B. pull the handbrake in order to slide around it
C. sound your horn whilst slowly pumping your brake to stop
D. pull your handbrake to stop ontop of it

Explanation : drivers should be aware that if a ball comes onto the road, likely a child isn`t far from it, therefore you should stop before that child gets in front of your vehicle

6. You spot a group of cars dangerously driving, attempting to start races, what should you do?

A. you get yourself ready and join the race
B. you pull out in front of them to stop them
C. you pull over at the road side and allow them to passing by
D. you pull over somewhere away from them and info police

Explanation : New Zealand roads, any streets or roads for that matter are not race tracks, these situations if prevented, prevent the likelihood of serious/fatal crashes

7. if you notice a boy-racer or any vehicle infront or behind giving you a hard time, what should you do?

A. get the plate number and report to police
B. horn at them and give them a harder time
C. make comments to provoke them
D. through rubbish at their cars

Explanation : it`s never easy being in a complicated and potentially dangerous position, as a driver you must keep calm and collective of what is going on, take notes when possible and don`t do anything that could endanger the lives of yourself and or others

8. If an on-coming vehicle starts swerving, what should you do to prevent a crash

A. swerve to get attention of the on-coming vehicle
B. pull the handbrake to quickly make a u-turn
C. slow down and pull as far off the road as possible and notify police
D. jump out of your speeding vehicle

Explanation : It can be hard to make quick decisions in the likely event. as a driver you must remain calm at all times and act responsibly to prevent any possible accident

9. What should you do if an earthquake strikes while you are driving your car?

A. Pull over, stop your car, get out and run inside the nearest shelter.
B. Speed up and attempt to get home as fast as possible.
C. Pull over, stop your car and wait until the earthquake is over.
D. Stop the car in the middle of the road and put the radio on for any updates.

Explanation : The correct answer is C. Refer to page 108 for more information about what to do if an earthquake strikes.

10. you are at the motorway and there is an accident that occured behind you and somebody is badly injured. what do you do?

A. take a U turn and attend the injured person
B. carry on driving
C. carry on driving and call police
D. slow down to the left side and stop, attend to the injured person and help to call for ambulance and police.

Explanation : a few seconds may mean life or death for those badly injured persons, help them only when yourself is stopped safely at the road side. It is extremely dangerous to make a U turn on the motorway.

11. Which of the following must you do if you are the holder of any class of driver licence?

A. Attend a defensive driving course.
B. Sit the practical test again in 4 months
C. Get a new licence every year.
D. Carry your licence with you at all times when driving.

Explanation : A licence to drive a motor vehicle is a privilege that is only given to people who pass the driver licence tests and demonstrate respect for the rights and safety of others. Photo driver licences help identify drivers

12. You have a restricted licence. A condition for driving at night without a supervisor is that you MUST NOT drive between:

A. 8 pm and 8 am.
B. 7 pm and 8 am.
C. 10 pm and 5 am.
D. 11 pm and 7 am.

Explanation : You can drive on your own, but not between 10 pm and 5 am. If you drive between these times you must have a supervisor in the front passenger seat who holds a full New Zealand car licence, and has held it for at least two years.

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