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New Zealand Road Code Test

Sharing road with horse riders

Sharing the road with horse riders

Please show courtesy when sharing the road with horse traffic. Horses can take fright easily, so adjust your driving as soon as you see horses on the road ahead of you.

Safe driving near horses

  • Slow down and pass carefully, giving the horse and rider plenty of room.
  • Don't sound your horn, rev your engine or pass at speed, as this could frighten the horse.
  • If the horse and rider are on a bridge or narrow road, be very careful – slow down or stop.
  • If the horse appears frightened, stop.
  • At night, dip your vehicle's headlights when approaching a horse.
  • Two vehicles should avoid passing near a horse.


Be careful around horse traffic. If you aren't, you could be charged with careless or dangerous driving.



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