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New Zealand Road Code Test

Road works

Road works

Road repair crews often have to work on roads to keep them in good condition. This means you will sometimes come across heavy vehicles, machinery and workers on the road, which you must be careful around.

The road surface itself can also be dangerous when under repair, as it may be uneven or have new seal.

When you see a road works sign, always slow down and be ready to stop.

Obey the signs

If there are road works on the road ahead, it will always be clearly signposted.

Slow down and read the signs. They will prepare you for the particular hazards you are about to face.

Two of the signs commonly used to indicate road works are shown below.

Road works and flooding sign

Road works ahead

Because it can be dangerous to drive through road works or on new seal, temporary speed limit signs are often posted. You must drive at or below the speed shown on the temporary speed limit sign.

Obey any directions given

Road repair crews may sometimes need to stop traffic. They may use temporary traffic signals or hand-held 'Stop/Go' signs (shown below) to do this.

Handheld stop sign

Stop before reaching the sign

Handheld go sign

You may move forward carefully

Follow all directions given to you, otherwise you could be involved in a serious crash.


Crashes can happen when drivers ignore road works warning signs and temporary speed limits. Don't take these warnings lightly. You don't know what's ahead, so slow down and take care.



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