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Information for moped riders

Information for moped riders

A moped is a motor vehicle on two or three wheels, with a power output of no more than 2 kW and a maximum speed of 50 km/h (some mopeds may have a lower maximum speed).

You are licensed to ride a moped if you have either a motorcycle (Class 6) licence or a car (Class 1) licence. When riding a moped on a Class 1 or Class 6 learner licence, you must display an L plate. If you’re on a learner or restricted licence, you must not ride the moped between 10 pm and 5 am.

Safety rules for moped riders

  • A moped is a motor vehicle. Therefore, you must not ride it on the footpath or a cycle path.
  • You must wear an approved motorcycle safety helmet when riding a moped.
  • At intersections, you must:
    • follow the rules for motor vehicles, or
    • get off your moped and walk across.
  • You may ride beside another moped or cyclist, but you must not ride beside other vehicles.
  • Pass other vehicles in single file.
  • A moped must not be towed by any other vehicle.
  • A moped may tow a trailer, but must not be fitted with a sidecar.
  • You must not carry a pillion passenger on a moped, unless you have a pillion seat and footrests. If you are carrying a child, the pillion seat must protect the child’s legs from the wheels.
  • You must not park a moped on the footpath.

Features your moped must have

Your moped must have:

  • a rear red light that can be seen from 100 metres away
  • a headlight powerful enough to see clearly anything 30 metres in front of you
  • a horn
  • good tyres, with a clear tread pattern
  • a good exhaust system that isn't excessively noisy
  • safe steering
  • mudguards
  • good brakes at the front and back
  • one or two red rear stop lights (if first registered in New Zealand after 1 January 1991)
  • a red rear reflector.


Any load you carry on your moped must be tied on firmly and must not touch the ground.

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