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Road Code Question - 05 Vehicle

What is the maximum overhang you are allowed on a trailer (beyond front and back)?
2 metres
A. 0.5 metre
B. 1 metre
C. 1.5 metre
D. 2 metres

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#1. By: Guest
for question 8 the right one is D 2meters
06 Feb 2011 - 04:55:43 AM
#2. By: Guest
um why are you telling us the answer and picture not needed and confusing.
21 Mar 2011 - 06:55:20 AM
#3. By: Guest
I think you will actually find that the maximum overhang is 4.0m behind the axis of the trailer. For example, on a single axle trailer the axis is the centre of the axle, for a tandem trailer the axis is the point in the middle of the 2 axles.
15 Jan 2012 - 03:25:52 PM
#4. By: Guest information can be found here. If the load overhangs MORE THAN ONE METRE OVER THE REAR OF THE TRAILER it needs a fluorescent flag.
15 Jan 2012 - 03:27:27 PM
#5. By: Roger
Ummm 200 mm? thats 20 centimeters... ).2 of a meter...

30 Apr 2014 - 06:41:58 PM