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New Zealand Learner Licence Road Code Test (RCT)

You are driving downhill on a steep, narrow road and a vehicle is coming up the hill. You should:

A. pull over to the left and give way to the vehicle coming up the hill.

B. flash the headlights of your vehicle at the vehicle coming up the hill.

C. sound the horn of your vehicle to get the vehicle coming up the hill out of the way.

D. do nothing, the vehicle coming up the hill should give way to you.

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#1. By: Christiaan Johannes Rudolph Geel
Ive got a full NZ licence but enjoyed answering the questionare as it keeps me up to date and make me to be a cautious driver at all times.The paper is excellent and challenging
10 Feb 2009 - 05:23:50 AM
#2. By: Guest
29 Apr 2010 - 05:32:41 AM
#3. By: Guest
28 Jun 2010 - 04:11:30 PM
#4. By: Guest

city drivers are oblivious to this question when driving in the country they charge on not stopping for traffic travelling uphill and unawareness of their speed think they are on a race track.
22 Oct 2010 - 06:00:11 AM
#5. By: Guest
agree with the fourth commemt, and i dont even have my license yet!
17 Nov 2010 - 12:56:56 PM
#6. By: Guest
hard out ill belive that hahahaha nd nah yeh im not even alowd to get my licence hahahaha
11 May 2011 - 04:40:47 AM
#7. By: Guest
First comment. Who does that?
13 Jan 2012 - 03:06:13 PM
#8. By: Guest
when can i get my learner licence
22 Jun 2012 - 04:13:00 AM
#9. By: Guest

05 Oct 2013 - 05:43:58 PM

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